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#ifndef __FW_H__
#define __FW_H__

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include <stdio.h>
#include "types.h"

#define MC_TYPE_AUTODETECT      0x0
#define MC_TYPE_EEPROM1         0x1
#define MC_TYPE_EEPROM2         0x2
#define MC_TYPE_FLASH           0x3
#define MC_TYPE_FRAM            0x4

#define MC_SIZE_4KBITS                  0x000200
#define MC_SIZE_64KBITS                 0x002000
#define MC_SIZE_256KBITS                0x008000
#define MC_SIZE_512KBITS                0x010000
#define MC_SIZE_1MBITS                  0x020000
#define MC_SIZE_2MBITS                  0x040000
#define MC_SIZE_4MBITS                  0x080000
#define MC_SIZE_8MBITS                  0x100000
#define MC_SIZE_16MBITS                 0x200000
#define MC_SIZE_64MBITS                 0x800000

static int save_types[6][2] = {

typedef struct
      u8 com;     /* persistent command actually handled */
        u32 addr;        /* current address for reading/writing */
        u8 addr_shift;   /* shift for address (since addresses are transfered by 3 bytes units) */
        u8 addr_size;    /* size of addr when writing/reading */
      BOOL write_enable;      /* is write enabled ? */
        u8 *data;       /* memory data */
        u32 size;       /* memory size */
      BOOL writeable_buffer;  /* is "data" writeable ? */
        int type; /* type of Memory */
        char *filename;
        FILE *fp;
        u8 autodetectbuf[32768];
        int autodetectsize;
} memory_chip_t;

#define NDS_FW_SIZE_V1 (256 * 1024)       /* size of fw memory on nds v1 */
#define NDS_FW_SIZE_V2 (512 * 1024)       /* size of fw memory on nds v2 */

void mc_init(memory_chip_t *mc, int type);    /* reset and init values for memory struct */
u8 *mc_alloc(memory_chip_t *mc, u32 size);  /* alloc mc memory */
void mc_realloc(memory_chip_t *mc, int type, u32 size);      /* realloc mc memory */
void mc_load_file(memory_chip_t *mc, const char* filename); /* load save file and setup fp */
void mc_free(memory_chip_t *mc);    /* delete mc memory */
void mc_reset_com(memory_chip_t *mc);       /* reset communication with mc */
u8 fw_transfer(memory_chip_t *mc, u8 data); /* transfer to, then receive data from firmware */
u8 bm_transfer(memory_chip_t *mc, u8 data); /* transfer to, then receive data from backup memory */

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /*__FW_H__*/

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